Museum and Visit


Palace of the Museum Well Arts Lille

Palace of the Museum Well Arts welcomes you, Republic Square, and invites you to admire its paintings of fame and origin varied. Besides his permanent exhibition, it welcomes large-scale temporary exhibitions.


Lille « Saint Sauveur »

New atmospheres, new universes, new sounds wait for you. Lille 3000 and lots of cultural and associative actors concocted a colourful programming: exhibitions, concerts, shows, cinema for children, jazzy, comic, South American meetings or urban cultures, a new Europa hotel  » Bang! Bang!  » With customized spaces tribal-voodoo way. The bar St SO, bar/restaurant of the station « Saint Sauveur », receives you within a unique, warm and friendly space. Its terrace, its scene, its bar are a part of the life of the bar. You can taste a varied cooking there, filled with flavors, and established by fresh products. Treat your papillae! The St SO bar it is also a generous and eclectic programming regarding exhibitions, regarding animations

Tri Postal

« Tri Postal »

Unescapable place of Lille 2004, the « Tri Postal », nevertheless dedicated to a certain demolition, was reshaped and fitted out to become an area of reception and programming. Further to the success met during Lille 2004, the city of Lille decided to persevere and to make live this place. So, after some works, 6000 square meters welcome since September, 2005 various projects: the N.A.M.E festival (dedicated to the arts and to the electronic culture), transphotographiques… A lot of major contemporary exhibitions of art are also held there: Bombay Maximun City (automne 2006), Futurotextiles (automne 2008), Fantastic 2012…


The « LaM » in Villeneuve d’Ascq

After big works, LAM opens in September, 2010, taking the name of « Lille Métropole Museum of modern Art, contemporary art and naive art « , following upon the Museum of modern art. Enlarged, modernized, it presents three prestigious collections of the XXth and XXIth centuries of which the unique whole naive art. It is the only one in France and in the North of Europe, to present simultaneously the main components of the art of these two centuries.


The Museum of the swimming pool in Roubaix

The Museum opened its doors in autumn 2001 on the site of the former municipal swimming pool. This building is a magnificent representation of the art deco style. It dates 1920s. Registered today on the heritage of the XXth century, the swimming pool offered to the inhabitants of Roubaix a sports and hygienic quality service. Closed in 1985 for safety reasons, it is reconverted by the architect Jean-Paul Philippon, and shelter from now on the Museum of Art and Industry of Roubaix.


« The Condition Publique of Roubaix »

Former « Maison Folie » of Lille 2004, it is from now the place to go for the cultural life of the City. Real cultural factory, it is a place of work and artistic distribution, including rooms of shows and exhibitions, a coffee/restaurant, a covered street and terraces on the roof.


the Factory of Flanders

Based on the site of a former spinning mill, specialized since 1900 in the soft furnishings, the Factory of Flanders is a textile museum dedicated to the memory of the textile industry of Roubaix. Supervised by former weavers, you will plunge into the universe of the textile machines of time as well as big innovations of the industrial epic. During the visit, the guide will redraw the adventure which made of Roubaix and of its urban area one of the first ones centers textile industries of the world.